Eps/Epoxy with 2+1 fin set up.

New surfers will appreciate the wave catching ability and assist as they tend to turn the board from its wide point. A go to for advanced surfers on smaller days as the wave count goes way up and the sting tail provides quick snappy lively turns.
9' x 22.5" x 2.85"
9'6" x 23" x 3"

Jeri Surfboards


Our Hyper-Paipo board is a modern twist on a classic design. A must add to any quiver


This board has all you need to blast down the line, smash the lip and float far out on the flat only to cut back and ditto.


The perfect transition from long to short for new surfers yet a blast for advanced surfers on smaller days.

Through years of riding our designs we found superior performance for surfers needing better wave catching ability while providing quick turning and a lively feel. Elegant designs for a more civilized surfing experience. We have always been custom surfboard builders, while our model offers extremely efficient customs are always welcomed and are executed by our growing list of Precision Shaper collaboration partners. Want to design your own custom board? Contact us below. While we typically stock a limited amount of boards ready for purchase, customs take 5-7 weeks and can be picked up at one of our collaboration partner locations found on this website.

You're unique, why surf a boring board?